Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When life gets you down ...

Somehow the words of the song "All you need is love" doesn't really cut it in the real world.

If we could live on the breath of love alone, life itself would be so easy. But we life in a real world where money is still king and love comes with just too many complications. 

Take one of life's evil necessities - a ritual really. Yes I'm talking about getting a job. Now that's always tough at any age. When you are young, they slam doors on you saying you don't have the experience. And when you do have the experience , they say you are too expensive or too old. Isn't that always the case?

No you need a lot more than love to get by days like these. You need friends ... friends who will not judge you no matter what ... friends you can yell at and they will still stand by you. Friends you can cry on the fone and while they may roll their eyes to the heavens (since you can't see it), they will never hang up on you between your sobs.

Yeah ... all you need is friends .. well .. at least that's a good start!

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